The Family Plan

Professional email for the modern family.

  • - Family domain name - ie: - Keep your domain forever, regardless
  •   of internet provider.
  • - Personal email addresses for all family members.
  • - Webmail - access your email via any internet browser.
  • - Roaming mail send - Yes, finally use your laptop email from any internet connection.
  • - Extensive email forwarding and management.
  • - Family parked webpage with direct contact form.
  • Bonus 
50Mb- Group email forward - use an address like
  •   '' to group email.
  • - You control email accounts for your teenagers.
  • - Full server Control Panel to create/manage your
  •   email accounts.
  • - SpamAssassin and BoxTrapper features to cut
  •   down the spam.
  • - Mailing lists system included.
  • - User level and Account level email filtering.

Provide individual permanent email addresses for all of your family members using a unique domain name for your family. Not only will this be the ideal means of providing additional email addresses for family memebrs, more importantly you and you family members can keep the same email addresses FOREVER!

Many people use an email address that is supplied by their chosen internet provider. (eg This can cause many difficulties if you want to move house or just change internet provider in today's compeitive internet environment.

By registering a domain name for your family, (eg. you can then provide email addresses for your family using this name. (eg To achieve this you need to register a domain name and have a suitable hosting plan on a web server to create your email accounts and send/receive your emails.

This package includes these two key elements (domain and hosting) plus setup and support.

We can provide the ideal hosting to suit your family email needs. Most important is the capability to work on ANY internet connection in the world. If you have a laptop that utilises multiple internet connections this is the solution for you. If your current email address does not work in all locations, or you need to alter your email settings each time you change location, this is the solution you are wanting.

Many internet service providers have restrictions on sending mail. Our email hosting solutions bypass this problem to enable a seamless email service on any internet connection.


- Unique easily remembered email addresses for all your family members.

- Keep the same email addresses forever, regardless of your internet service provider.

- Automatic connection for sending/receiving emails with a laptop on any internet connection.




- Standard POP email accounts for use on PC, MAC and most mobile devices.

- Webmail access to the email server to view your latest incoming emails or to send emails via any internet browser.

- Login to your hosting control panel to add or modify email accounts and email forwards

- Complete web hosting features included for hosting your own website under your domain name.

*All of our hosting plans can be increased to a higher level plan with more disk space and bandwidth at any time. If you need to upgrade at any time you can contact our support staff and we will invoice you with the pro-rata difference.

* The number of email accounts you can create is only limited by the amount of disk space you allocate for each account. For example, with 150mb of disk space, you could create 15 email addresses with a 10mb mailbox each, or you could have 5 email addresses each with a 30mb mailbox. How you allocate your disk space is up to you.

* While you may use this product predominantly for hosting email accounts, it is actually a full-featured web hosting plan. The email functionality is but one component. Other features include managing website files and mysql databases, sub-domains and URL redirects, web statistics, HTML website templates, automated website application builder and much more.

* In order to utilise the web hosting features you would need to keep some unallocated space on your hosting account to allow for your web page files to be uploaded to the server.

Total cost of $169 per year, which includes your domain name registration and email hosting plan.


Payment Option 1 - Yearly credit card.

Complete the signup form and proceed to the shopping cart checkout to make an automated yearly credit card payment of $169 AUD. This will enable the extra 50mb of disk space allowance for your email hosting package.


Note: this is not an automated setup of your acount as we must first register the best available domain name. Setup will usually take 1-2 business days.


Payment Option 2 - For 5 or 10 year signup.

If you would prefer to pay in advance for 5 or 10 years to ensure your service continues without payment concerns, please complete the signup form, but DO NOT continue with the credit card payment. We will contact you to organise a longer term payment separately. If you purchase a 5 or 10 year plan you will also receive the 50mb bonus disk space as well. 

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Professional email for the modern family


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More Tips & Benefits...

  • Maintain Control
    Keep control over your children's email addresses. Manage the email accounts for your family.
  • Connect Anywhere
    Access your email with a laptop on any internet connection. No more changing your email server settings when you change locations.
  • One Email Address For Life
    Keep the same email address forever. Don't be reliant on an email address supplied by your internet provider.